Louis CK 'SNL' Clown Sketch Plagiarizes Tig Notaro?
Forty-two seasons of comedy are bound to see SNL traversing some familiar ground, but a recent sketch from this past weekend’s Louis C.K. return may stepped over the line. Tig Notaro fans are accusing a pre-recorded clown sketch of aping one of the comedian’s short films, subbing in C.…
Alec Baldwin's SNL Trump May Expand to 'Other Venues'
The initial shock of Donald Trump’s election left it unclear if SNL would continually call on Alec Baldwin for such an extended commitment, but the 30 Rock alum and ranking host has soldiered on, much to the real Trump’s enjoyable chagrin. Baldwin may even follow in Will Ferrell’…
SNL Preview: Tom Hanks Parachutes Off the NBC Roof
Tom Hanks had us a bit worried that SNL would forgo its Wednesday promos for a look back at the Inferno star’s eight previous hostings, but the man always delivers. See for yourself, as Hanks and Leslie Jones enjoy a round of mimosas, before being chased off of NBC’s roof.
Donald Trump Will Host SNL in November With Sia
Ever the human punchline, Donald Trump has braved some of his staunchest comedy critics in pursuit of the 2016 presidency. The blowhard billionaire even made headlines with which SNL player would tackle the role in Season 41, but all bets are off when “The Donald” himself hosts an upco…

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