To tell the truth, a lot of these movies they have been remaking lately have hit me as pretty good. That remake of "True Grit" comes to mind. Now I find I am looking forward to the new "Arthur" movie starring RUSSELL BRAND and HELEN MIRREN.I've got some "Arthur" trivia for you, but first, this is the official trailer for the movie...

A few interesting "Arthur" Facts...

The original "Arthur" won two Oscars.
John Gielgud won for Best Supporting Actor, and the theme won Best Song.

John Travolta and John Belushi both turned down the lead role in "Arthur" before it was offered to Dudley Moore. And two other actors you probably don't remember were also offered the role:  George Segal and Bud Cort.

(It was written for Segal, the big-time '70s actor who played the magazine editor in "Just Shoot Me".  And Bud Cort was cast, but he backed out before shooting started.  He played the kid in "Harold and Maude".)

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