Times, they are a changing. The Boy Scouts announced yesterday that girls will be admitted in the fall of 2018. Some are against the idea and others are for it. 

From what I understand out of all this is...each charter will be able to decide if girls will be included. Smaller packs would still be one gender, but the bigger troops would include both boys and girls. The great thing is now girls will have the chance to work towards the prestigious level of Eagle Scout.

According to the Cub Scouts website:

We’ve received overwhelming requests from families with daughters interested in the Cub Scout program. Research shows 90 percent of parents are interested in getting their daughters involved in a program like Cub Scouts. That’s why we began discussions about expanding traditional programs to girls. We recognized a need and worked to meet it.

In addition to offering Cub Scouts to girls and boys in 2018, a program for older girls will be announced in the coming year for projected introduction in 2019, providing young women the path to earn the highest rank of Eagle.

I love the idea of this because I remember when I was little growing up in Dallas I was in Indian Princess. It was an organization for daughters and dads and we camped, learn how to make fire, fished and canoed. Don't get me wrong, I love the Girl Scouts too and I'm not sure how this will impact them, but more options for kids is always a good thing. Right?  Now, I'm sure I don't know all the pros or cons so please inform me.

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