It's almost time to load up the camper and head to the 2017 Bigfoot Festival and Conference in Honobia, Oklahoma. I went last year and I've been looking forward to the next one ever since. Honobia, pronounced Hone-ah-bee, is a small community in the Little River valley in the Kiamichi Mountains.

This festival has been going on since 2005, but according to an article at Oklahoma, the first sightings in the area go back to 1848 and many more throughout the years. It's no surprise really why Bigfoot would like this area because this beautiful little corner of the state is a great place to unplug for a while. The closest gas station is 18 miles away and cell phones? Don't even waste your time.

The Honobia Bigfoot Festival, is listed as the #1 Bigfoot Festival in the nation from the Hauntist website.

We plan on enjoying all the arts and craft booths and we'll try our hands again at Archery. I found out last year that I was actually pretty decent at it. We'll see how I fair at it this year. Both Friday and Saturday evening it's story time as people gather around a campfire and talk about their encounters with Bigfoot.

Another great thing about this festival is it's free to attend.

The conference does cost but definitely worth it for the guest speakers who are experts in all things Bigfoot from footprints to capturing bigfoot on film. To attend the conference it's only $10 per day for Adults 16 years and older, 13 -15 years of age it $5 and 12 years and younger it's free. A portion of the proceeds from the conference and donations go toward college scholarships for local students.

This year, I plan on sitting by the campfire in the evening as people gather to tell stories about their sightings and experiences.

Be sure to visit the Honobia Bigfoot Festival website for more information. They have a Facebook page too.

Below are pictures from last year's fun.



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