Last weekend my husband and I loaded up our camper and headed to Honobia, Okla., for the best Bigfoot Festival around.  What a great weekend. I already can't wait for next year.

Honobia (pronounced Hone-ah-bee) is a small community in the Little River valley in the Kiamichi Mountains. We met up with an old friend of mine, Jennifer, whose family has a couple of cabins in the area and her husband, Chuck.

The Honobia Bigfoot Festival, was recently named the #1 Bigfoot fest out of five across the the nation from the Hauntist website.

The festival had plenty of fun. Of course, for the more serious the Bigfoot Conference takes place at the same time with guest speakers from researchers to authors and more.

This year, I was excited to just experience the festival.  So as you can imagine my excitement when I finally saw Bigfoot. I just had to get a picture with him. Did you know he even accepts tips? I also caught a picture of him having a time with his family at the festival too.

There were plenty of great arts and craft booths. In fact, I found a beautiful hand made scarf that I can't wait to wear. My husband was busy buying homemade jams, Bigfoot signs and t-shirts. He was joking with the woman who made the jam and asked "Are you sure these are good? If they aren't ...I know where to find you." She chimed back "You won't find me on this mountain." Needless to say, that became one of our favorite quotes of the weekend. You know it's a good weekend when you've got quotes.

Oh and the big surprise of the weekend? I found out that I'm pretty good at archery. There was an archery team from a nearby school in Battiest, OK. who had a 3-D exhibit with of course Bigfoot. Yeah, I got him multiple times.

Another sweet discovery about this community is the original post office established in 1914 that still stands today. It was once had the distinct title of being the 'Smallest Post Office in the United States'. Even though they have a new and much bigger post office. The original little old building is still there.

Admission was free to the festival itself but a portion of the proceeds from the conference and donations go toward college scholarships for local students. See, Bigfoot really is a cool guy...I mean..bigfoot. Both nights of the festival people gathered at a campfire to tell of recent sightings. Unfortunately we didn't get a chance to do that, but as far as I'm concerned it gives us another reason to go back next year.