Thank You, Texarkana We raised $20,000 for the Harvest Texarkana Virtual Food Drive!

Harvest Regional Food Bank is a nonprofit, community organization working on the front lines of the Covid-19 pandemic relief to enable those who are struggling due to layoffs, school closings, and other issues. Every donation you made helps a family in need in the area.

More people are going hungry. More people are in need of hunger relief. Make sure your neighbors know they are not alone. Your gift helps provide urgently need meals during this crisis. Help feed the community. Harvest Texarkana is working hard to provide food for those that are in need. With one Texarkana event, they handed out over 3000 food boxes they need our help in restocking their shelves.

Did you know that for every dollar you donate it can provide 5 1/2 meals for those in need? With the buying power that Harvest Texarkana has in conjunction with other food banks, every dollar you donate goes so very far in the battle against hunger.

We want to thank our sponsors, El Chico Mexican Restaurant in Texarkana, and Bank OZK in Texarkana for helping make this virtual food drive possible.

Harvest Texarkana Regional Food Bank is a local food bank that serves Bowie County in North East Texas. In Arkansas, they serve the counties Miller, Lafayette, Hempstead, Little River, Sevier, Howard, Pike, Nevada, and Columbia Counties.

Thanks again for the $20,000 raised but if you would like to donate you can still contribute here.



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