Police Canine units have always amazed me. A police dog and their handler share a special relationship. Years ago, I had the chance to take the Citizens Police Academy from the Texarkana, Arkansas Police Department. During the class I got to see how these special dogs work.

Here's your chance to check out police dogs from all over Texas compete with each other!

The Texarkana Texas Police Department will host this year’s United States Police Canine Region 20 Detector Dog and Patrol Dog certification trials this weekf(March 11- March 15th) Most of the competition is not open to the public, but tomorrow (Thursday March 14) it's open to the public! This part of the patrol certification will be held at Grady T. Wallace Park on Leopard Drive from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  You'll get to see police dogs from all over the state compete in agility, searching, and apprehension. These are truly amazing dogs to watch in action!

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