Texas/Bowie County has an election coming up next week, Tuesday, November 2 to be exact, and early voting is already underway. In addition to our local Texarkana Mayoral race, did you know there are 8 Texas Constitutional Amendments on the ballot? Do you know what they are, or which way you plan to vote? Let's see if we can help you a bit.

Proposition 1: Raffles at Professional Rodeos

If you vote FOR this amendment, it will let men's and women's professional rodeo organizations host fund-raising raffles at their events.

Proposition 2: County Development

Right now in Texas, only cities are allowed to finance through bonds, the development of undeveloped, underserved or unproductive areas. If passed, this amendment would allow counties to do the same thing.

Proposition 3: Restricting Religious Services

During the pandemic, some counties and cities restricted people from going to church. If this amendment passes, no Texas governmental entity, city, county or state, would ever be allowed to restrict you from attending church services.

Proposition 4: Texas Judge Eligibility

This proposition would clarify the eligibility requirements for Texas Supreme Court, Court of Criminal Appeals and intermediate appeals courts. Candidates must be a judge or practicing lawyer in the State of Texas for at least 10 years prior to and have a license to practice law that has never been revoked or suspended during that time.

For District Court Judges the requirements would be the same except for 8 years instead of 10.

Proposition 5: State Commission on Judicial Conduct

The State Commission on Judicial Conduct can currently only accept and perform investigations on sitting judges. This proposition, if passed, would allow the commission to do the same with judicial candidates as well.

Proposition 6: Designated Caregiver

This amendment would allow seniors to designate an "essential caregiver" in the event of another pandemic or other health emergency. That caregiver could not be kept from visiting them in a nursing home, assisted living, or another similar facility.

Proposition 7: Homestead Exemptions on Property Taxes

If someone does not have to pay property taxes based on a disability exemption and that person dies, this proposition, if passed, will allow the spouse of that person to continue that exemption as long as they are 55 years of age or older.

Proposition 8: Military Spouse Tax Exemption

Surviving spouses of military veterans who are killed in action currently receive special tax exemptions in Texas. If passed, this proposition would include spouses of military veterans killed in the line of duty, but not combat-related.

Early Voting Locations:

You can vote early through this Friday at the Bowie County Courthouse in New Boston, Southwest Center on West 7th St. and Walnut Church of Christ on Moores Ln.

The remaining hours for those days are:

  • 10/27 - Wednesday: 8 AM - 5 PM
  • 10/28 - Thursday: 7 AM - 7 PM
  • 10/29 - Friday: 8 AM - 5 PM

Next Tuesday, November 2 is election day, the polls will be open from 7 AM until 7 PM.

2021 Bowie County Sample Ballot

For more information on Bowie County Elections, most everything you need is on the Bowie County website.

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