Texarkana, Ark., City Manager Kenny Haskin and Texarkana, Texas City Manager John Whitson appointed J.D. Phillips as the permanent director of Texarkana Water Utilities today, Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016.

Phillips, who also celebrates his birthday today, has been serving as interim director of TWU since September of 2015. Whitson is confident in Phillip’s ability to lead the organization.

“Dr. Haskin and I agree with great confidence in J.D.’s ability to lead that was demonstrated during the interim period,” Whitson said. “We are pleased with his performance, and recognize that he is the best qualified for this job, which is why we took the opportunity to appoint him as director.”

Haskin agreed that Phillips was the best choice.

“What instantly stands out when evaluating J.D. is his character, “Haskin said. “The mayor and board of directors made it clear early on in the process that they wanted me to hire quality people that would provide added value to the organization. I’m confident John and I did just that.”

J.D. Phillips has been employed by Texarkana Water Utilities for the past 25 years. His appointment as the permanent director was effective on May 2, 2016 and his salary will be $89,000 annually.

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