Texarkana Water Utilities is starting to get back to normal in a few ways, while they are still recovering from the cyberattack this past December. If you use Auto Draft the good news is that should be back to normal and will resume on your next scheduled draft. 

TWU states on their website that if you haven't made any payments since December then your bill will be higher than usual as it will deduct the balance in full.  If you signed up after October 2020 for Auto draft or ACH, you should contact  customerservice@txkusa.org to verify that your draft information is on file.

If you haven't checked out their new website, it is active at https://twu.txkusa.org

Customers without auto-draft can log in and make a payment there with a debit/credit card.  You can also use www.payments.txkusa.org to make a payment, by clicking on the “Pay My Bill button”. These customers are still encouraged to make an estimated payment until all bills can be processed.

Payments may still be sent by mail, processed at the drive-thru window (Mon-Fri, 7:30am-5pm), deposited in dropbox in the alley or bill pay may be set up with the customer’s bank. Payments may be made by cash, checks, bank checks and money orders.

Although some rumors have been circulating, no shut-off notices, late fees or disconnections will occur at this time.

Please contact Customer Service (903) 798 3800 and press option 3 or contact customerservice@txkusa.org if you have any questions.

Also, remember that TWU is currently in the process of applying payments to accounts.  Previous account balances may display incorrectly until this is complete.

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