President Trump can and does boast about many things, but on one thing there is no arguing, Trump has a fired-up constituency and this Saturday they intend to show that enthusiasm off right here in Texarkana with the "Texas for Trump Freedom Cruise."

If the Presidential race were to be decided based on voter enthusiasm there's no doubt who would win in a landslide, President Donald J Trump for sure. It's pretty easy to see it too, almost no one shows up at Biden events, there are no parades for Joe or boat cruises sporting Biden flags, just a few signs in the yard here and there.

Trump's fans around here are many and pretty vocal about it, sporting hats, shirts, Texas for Trump flags, American flags, Texas and Arkansas flags, you name it. If the President's name can be printed on it then it's already been done.

The "Texas for Trump Freedom Cruise" will form up for opening ceremonies at Whiskey River Country on the Arkansas side of I-30 just off the feeder past North Stateline on the Southside of the freeway starting at 10 AM. The cruise will start at noon after the opening ceremonies, which will include the National Anthem sung by Katy Letterman.

There will also be Trump vendors on hand if you need an extra flag or two for the cruise. The best-decorated vehicle will also win a new Trump flag as well.

If you want to sign up online go to their Facebook Events page, or just show up this Saturday morning.

The last time the route was updated was October 13, this is it as of that posting:

Starting point @ / Whiskey River Country (Formerly Shooters) - County ave - Arkansas Blvd ( Arkansas Republican Headquarters ) - Jefferson Ave - Broad St - Texas Blvd - New Boston Rd - Summer Hill Rd (Texas Republican Headquarters ) -Frontage Rd - Ending @ Whiskey River Country.

The event organizers especially want to thank Whiskey River Country for providing the stage and sound system for this event.

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