The Texarkana Arkansas Police Department has received numerous reports of vehicle break-ins and burglaries in the past several weeks.

Authorities say, in most reported cases the vehicle was left unlocked with valuable items in plain sight.  TAPD is working diligently providing extra patrols, detective investigations, and undercover surveillance to cease this type of criminal activity.

We are asking that all of our citizens become persistent in locking their vehicles, and ensure that all valuable items are not located inside the vehicle in plain sight.

Also, police ask if you see something, say something! Call 911 immediately if you hear any type of activity that sounds suspicious or unusual in anyway. Authorities ask that you don’t attempt to investigate, but just to call 911 immediately.

You can utilize the TAPD mobile app to register your security cameras in our security camera surveillance database. In doing so, you can help yourself and your neighbors from being a victim of a vehicle burglary or theft. Several arrests have been made from the video surveillance that citizens are providing to the police department in these cases.

Vehicle break-ins only take a few minutes – even less when the car is left unlocked or when thieves smash windows to grab items they have seen inside!  Criminals will often drive though parking lots or residential neighborhoods, looking for vehicles with open windows or unlocked doors.  Vehicle prowler’s watch for valuables left in the open such as; cellular phones, electronics,  stereo equipment, purses, or wallets.

Police say if you must leave valuables in your car, conceal those items from view before arriving at your destination.


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