Texarkana Texas Police need your help in finding a man that stole a purse out of a vehicle a few weeks ago outside a local restaurant.

According to the TTPD's Facebook page:

A couple went out to eat for a nice meal at Red Lobster on Sunday night a few weeks ago. However, Mr. Sticky Fingers here completely ruined the night for them.

A little after 7:00, he pulled into the parking lot in a newer black or dark blue Ford Mustang with Texas tags. After he parked beside their vehicle, he apparently noticed the wife's purse inside their unlocked car. After getting in and out of his car a couple of times, he goes inside the restaurant and briefly looks around - never going past the hostess' podium. He then walked back outside, took her purse from their vehicle, and immediately jumped in his car to leave. Just like that, it was all gone, but the couple didn't know anything had happened until they went back out to their car about an hour later.

Luckily, the whole deal was all captured on video, and we are hoping that you guys can help us hold him responsible for this theft.



If you know this man, please call the Texarkana Texas Police Department at (903) 798-3116 or Texarkana Area Crime Stoppers at 903-793-STOP.