The Texarkana Museums System will host a Southern Social & Draw Down on Thursday, September 22. It will all take place at the Ace of Clubs House with gates opening at 6PM.

It will be a night of southern charm and hospitality with food, drinks and a chance at $5,000.

If you've never been to a draw down before it's a lot of fun. Ticket numbers are called out and if your number is called -- you are out. The last one standing without his or her ticket being called out is the winner. As you can imagine it gets intense when it gets down to only a few people. They might start negotiating with the others still standing to split the money.

And 100 percent of the proceeds from this fundraiser will go to support the Museum of Regional History, Discovery Place Children's Museum, Ace of Clubs House and the P. J. Ahern Home.

Each Draw Down ticket is $100 and will admit two people into the party. If you'd like to better your odds "insurance" is available for only $20. The insurance will provide you one extra chance at staying in the game.

For more information or to purchase tickets, please call (903) 793-4831. Visit their Facebook Event page for up to date information.

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