Time for "Kids' College" again at the TC Campus on Robison Road.  The program begins June 18 is open to children grades 2 thru 6.

Classes include Cheerleading for boys or girls.  Where kids will learn hand positions, jumps, basic stunts, and tumbling.  Students will learn a cheer and dance and will perform it on the last day of class.

Perhaps your child would like to take the Digital Photography class.  Students will need their own digital camera.  This class is perfect for kids that want to be creative, while having fun.

The Mini-Chefs Class allows students to become a chef for the week and learn fun, simple recipes that will introduce them to the wonders of cooking!

Kids get a real boost in confidence, and self esteem while increasing their flexibility and coordination with the Karate program.

A really exciting program with Kids' College is Weather Chasers.  Make your own rain gauge, barometer, wind chime, kite and bottle tornado, among many other items. Learn about the various types of weather and how it affects our lives.

Here is the Complete List of Classes for Kids' College.

Here is the Registration Form, and parents can enroll their kids in person at the Texarkana College of Continuing Education inside the College Administration Building at 25oo North Robison Road.