The Texarkana, Ark., City Board is looking at extending the Nix Creek Walking Trail System.

At tonight's board  meeting, officials will consider authorizing the City Manager to submit a "non-motorized trails" reimbursable grant application to the Arkansas Highway Transportation Department's Arkansas Recreational Trails Program. Their hope is to extend the popular trail.

In other business, the board will consider authorizing the City Manager to renew the 1969 Water Supply Agreement with Texarkana, Texas, which has to do with Lake Wright Patman rights.

Also, the board will decide whether to authorize the City Manager to purchase an industrial closed circuit fluid cooling tower for the South Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility.

There will be comments from the mayor, questions from directors and businesses, along with citizens' communication time.

There will also be a closed executive session, followed by appointments to various boards, commissions, and committees.

The public is invited to attend the open portions of tonight's meeting, which begins at 6:30PM at Texarkana, Ark., City Hall.

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