The Texarkana Arkansas School District has received an $87,060.39 estate gift from Eleanor Seymour. According to a press release from the TASD, Ms. Seymour is a former Arkansas High School history teacher who made an incredible impact in the lives of the students she taught and the staff she worked with.

After teaching at Arkansas High School, Ms. Seymour became an independent home builder and worked for the City of Texarkana, Arkansas. She was a proud member of the Mary Dale Garden Club

Through her gift to TASD, Ms. Seymour’s legacy will continue to impact the lives of students. The Eleanor Seymour Scholarship will be established in her honor for Arkansas High School graduating seniors.

“To receive this generous gift from Seymour’s estate means a great deal to TASD and its students,” commented Public Relations Director Genia Bullock. “We truly appreciate this most gracious donation and are grateful for Ms. Seymour’s personal conviction and commitment to education.”

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