Let's face it, to be cool we need a little help from teenagers. They can help us stay cool on social media too. Mashable.com posted some things to do and not to do on social media. Of course the advice is from teenagers.

Below are a few that I thought were interesting. 

First bit of advise is about your Instagram ratio:

 Simran R., from Mumbai, India, says your ratio of following to followers on Instagram is a key factor. "Never have more following than followers," says 16-year-old Simran. "Your ratio should be 2:1 at worst. If you have 1,000 followers, you cannot follow more than 500 people."

Hashtags, only use them ironically. One of my nieces told me this a few years ago. I still don't understand hashtags and with this twist I really don't understand them.

"Don't say throwback Thursday," says Dylan Smith, 16, from Maryland, U.S.. "People only use hashtags ironically now."

No over posting on Instagram. Once a day is too much? Now, I'm really confused.

Never, ever post multiple photos to Instagram in one day, says Hayley Smith, 19. "Definitely do not post two Instagrams a day or even two days in a row unless you're doing something cool," says Hayley.

Don't over use emojis. Okay, I'm very guilty of this.

Rachel Luo says that some teens live by the "no more than 3 emoji rule." And, while we're at it, she says using loads of hashtags is "just tacky."

The verdict is in...I'm not very cool. If you want to see other way to be cool on social media, you can see the rest of the tips at Mashable.com.


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