Jacob's Well, ever heard of it? If you're from Texas chances are you have, if you ain't from around here, you better read up and learn. 

If you're from the Great State of Texas, you've probably heard of it or even been there. It's a purdy little spring-fed swimming hole in the Hill Country southwest of Austin on Cyprus Creek located in Wimberly, Texas, they call it Jacob's Well. It is stunningly beautiful, clean, and clear, aquifer water. The cool water rises up from the depths and people spend a lot of time swimming over it. Trying to swim down into it, however, is not a good idea.

Jacobs Well - Danger - Canva
Jacobs Well - Danger - Canva

Jacob's Well is listed by pondinformer.com as #4 on the list of the most deadly swimming holes in the entire United States.

At least eight people have died attempting to dive down into the intricate cave system in the aquifer depths. Those caves have been mapped by experienced divers in the Jacob's Well Exploration Project, but if you're not a very experienced diver you should NOT attempt this. At all.

Swim over it, get lazy in the cool, clear, aquifer water on a hot summer Texas day for sure, but let's leave the diving to the professionals.

Who's With Me! - Jacobs Well - Canva
Who's With Me! - Jacobs Well - Canva

I said, NO!

Check out this amazing video of Jacob's Well and the map below on how to find it when you're tripping through the Texas Hill Country.

BUT, This Is Sad To Report:

The following video was posted on YouTube just 1 month ago in 2024, this is what Jacob's Well looks like today, and the summer swimming season is a no-go this year.

Partial blame goes to the amazing growth of Texas and one of the most popular areas to live is near Austin. Officials say drought conditions and heavy water usage is extremely taxing on the aquifer. What can be done to save it? Let's hope State Officials have a plan. Sure would hate to lose one of the most amazing swimming holes ever, even if it is deadly.

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