Cooking In The New Air Fryer – Jim Says “Chicken Good”
We were so excited after getting our new Air Fryer for Christmas this year, what we didn't know is that there is a definite learning curve. Air fryer, by the way, is nothing more than a Convection Oven. Air Fryer is just the new buzz-phrase being used to teach young people about a piece of technology that's been around for probably 100 years or more. Convection ovens are used in professional kitch
5 Foods Most Often Ruined By Kitchen Mistakes
There's some foods that take a certain skill in the kitchen to reach their full deliciousness. It only takes one misstep in the kitchen to turn a juicy and delicious steak into something dry and suitable for a chew toy. Want to hone your skills so you never fall victim to any of these missteps...
Get Ready For The Taste Of Home Cooking School!
The Taste of Home Cooking School Show is coming to Texarkana tomorrow night at the Four States Fair Entertainment Center. This is a really neat event! Last Friday, I talked with Jamie Dunn from the Taste of Home Cooking School. Jamie will be demonstrating 10 recipes. Plus, there will be prizes and a gift bag for everyone that attends.
Jeff Challenges Master Chef Contestant [Video]
It's no secret that I love to eat, but I also enjoy cooking a great deal. However, most of my cooking is BBQ, and I cook with a big pit-smoker. I do watch a lot of those shows on the food network, and I am a big fan of Gordon Ramsey's cooking shows, especially "Master Chef". I like that one in particular, because it's everyday folks like you and me.