This is really not a surprise, but it makes me feel better knowing we are all in the same boat. A new survey found the average person is only productive three days a week. Oh but when it's hot? Only two and a half days. Welcome to August.

Another "no surprise" is that Friday is the least productive day while Tuesday is the most. The survey also showed what things kill our productivity at work.

HSS Hire survey results according to Metro:

Top 10 factors that lead to an unproductive day at work:
1. Bad night’s sleep
2. Being too hot in the office
3. Talking with coworkers (But I though gossip was a good thing?)
4. Computer problems (Ever want to throw that computer out the window?)
5. Noisy office
6. Being bored
7. Distracted by personal issues in general
8. Feeling too hungry
9. Being too cold in the office (Welcome to my world)
10. Drinking too much the night before (Never a good idea on a work night)

But, back to the productivity killer that I like the best -- too many days of work. Maybe we should go to a shorter week? If Tuesday is really the most productive day and Friday is the least then let's just work Tuesday through Thursday. Where do we sign up?