Last night, Stone Temple Pilots revealed their new singer, Jeff Gutt, at a show in Los Angeles.

Gutt, a former contestant on the X-Factor, has the look and the voice. Actually, it's eerily similar to that of Scott Weiland. During last night's show, among many fan-favorites, STP also played their brand new single, called "Meadow" - which can be heard above.

In my opinion, it sounds like a song that could have, easily, been written with Scott Weiland - or at least, written with him in mind.

STP had gone through a rigorous audition process, in search of a new singer, and had a few finalists in mind. Following said audition process, they also attempted to throw off fans after many speculated Gutt as their new singer. But now, the cat is out of the bag.

Hopefully, we'll be hearing much, much more from Stone Temple Pilots in the near future. While Gutt can't replace Weiland or Chester, we all hope they can bring back some of that old-school swagger that's been dearly missed in rock-n-roll!

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