The ultimate poet and coolest chick in rock shared the same stage Friday night and rocked CenturyLink Center in Bossier City, LA. Stevie Nicks and Chrissie Hynde with the Pretenders were fantastic March 10. These two rock icons were in true form.

This is likely the first concert I've been to where I was as excited about the opening act as the main act. I mean really, Stevie Nicks and The Pretenders with Chrissie Hynde on the same bill? Holy cow!

The show started with The Pretenders taking stage promptly at 7:15PM. No huge fanfare, no introduction or light show as they came on stage. No, they didn't need that. They simply came on stage, waved, took a bow and started rocking the house.

They opened with two songs off their latest album, Alone, "Alone" and "Gotta Wait." Chrissie Hynde's unmistakable contralto voice is still in top shape and no doubt she is still the coolest chick in rock.

In between songs she talked about checking out Shreveport the day before and visiting Rick's Records. Going on to say "Vinyl is Final." She also joked that her drummer has been with her for 40 years and you only get 20 for murder, that's why she's not married.

The Pretenders put on a fantastic show playing hits like "Message of Love," "Back on The Chain Gang," "I'll Stand By You," "Don't Get Me Wrong," "My City Was Gone," "Talk of the Town," "Middle of the Road" and ending with "Brass in Pocket."

The crowd was primed and ready for Stevie Nicks to take the stage. She also just walked on stage with no huge intro or fanfare. Stevie graced the stage like an old friend. She let us into her world by telling us the stories behind the songs. Her voice was beautiful and mystic as always. She started with "Gold and Braid" and followed it with "If Anyone Falls."

Stevie talked of the excitement she experienced when she had the chance to work with Tom Petty. Then she broke into "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" with Chrissie Hynde joining her on stage to sing Petty's segment.

Stevie's overall performance was deeply personal -- intimate. She invited us on a journey with her and the audience willingly followed. At one point, she thanked everyone for coming and said it felt like her friends had come over for the evening. And we were all in her living room singing and just having a great time.

Stevie Nicks also sang hits like "Gypsy," "Starshine," and "Enchanted." Before she sang "Stand Back" she told us how she was inspired to write the song after hearing Prince's "Little Red Corvette." She said she called him up and explained her inspiration. He happened to be in LA at the time so he dropped by dressed to the hilt and all in purple. He played the synthesizer on the song and then he was gone. She told more stories about her songs "New Orleans," "Wild Heart" and almost every song she sang.

In true Stevie Nicks' fashion she wore one of her famous flowy dresses and gorgeous shawls including the one she wore during the Bella Donna era. There were a few times as she was singing she did her famous spin and twirl, of course it brought the crowd to its feet screaming for more.

She enchanted us with "Gold Dust Woman," "Edge of Seventeen" and encored with "Rhiannon" then ending the night with "Landslide."

It was truly a great evening with two incredible rock icons. The funny thing is, as I was walking away I wasn't just thinking of them as the super rock stars that they are, but as friends. Maybe that's why they are and will always be such beloved rock icons.


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