Some local volunteers spent a freezing Friday night in  cardboard boxes to raise awareness to the plight of the homeless population in Texarkana and to raise much needed funds for the "Bridge City Project".

The Texarkana Homeless Coalition's "Bridge City Project Challenge" was created  with a goal of raising $25,000. Part of the money raised is to be used to purchase "Backpack Beds". These special packs can be used as beds, shade from the sun, shelter from freezing elements, and storing clothing.

The idea was that participants are willing to sleep in a cardboard box for one night, but they could be bought OUT of the box for a donation of $100. (Sort of like the annual "jailathon"). More than 40 people came to the challenge site at 309 Hazel Street near the Salvation Army HQ, and even though all were able to raise the money to leave the box and return to heated comfort, most STAYED! (Donations are still coming in, and we will have a total Monday.)

Check out some of the customized boxes that folks were using...