Hostess is shutting down the ovens in their bakeries, and their trucks will no longer deliver the tasty treat that many of us grew up thinking would survive even a nuclear bomb.  After hearing the news, I learned more about Twinkies than I ever knew, I bet some of these facts will be new to you too.

Joe Raedle/Getty Images

I remember Twinkie The Kid commercials when I was younger, and even before that, there were many times that my busy working mom would stop at the 7-11 and pick up twinkies, and some Jungle Juice on the way to dropping me and my brother Doug off at school, Hostess, not only a great snack, but a pretty tasty breakfast too.

After hearing about Hostess shutting down, I thought I would do a blog post on it, and accidentally learned some pretty interesting facts about Twinkies.

  • Twinkies were invented at the Continental Bakery in Chicago by James Dewar and named after "twinkle toe shoes". Originally, Twinkies were filled with banana cream and you could get two for a nickel.
  • In World War II there was a banana shortage, Twinkies were then switched to vanilla filling.
  • Back in 1999, the Whitehouse Millennium Council along with President Bill Clinton put a Twinkie in the Millennium Time Capsule, saying it was an "American Icon".
  • British chef Cristopher Sell has been credited with inventing the deep-fried twinkie, at a Fish N Chips Restaurant in Brooklyn New York.
  • In 1985 Minneapolis City Council candidate George Belair was indicted for bribery, after he served twinkies as refreshments to a couple of senior citizen groups. Local newspapers called it "Twinkiegate".
  • Twinkie published a cookbook in 2006 with some fairly strange recipes in it, including "Pigs in a Twinkie", "Twinkie Sushi", and "Twinkie burritos".  I saw that they had some at but you better hurry.

So, I grew up loving Twinkies, but then I started experimenting with Ding-Dongs Next, I developed a pretty serious addiction to Sno-Balls, and before you know it I was strung out on Suzy-Qs... Thank God for Hostess fruit pies, or I might still be strung out today.

That brings up a good question, with all of the different snacks that Hostess produced, what were you most partial too?