Silvermoon Children’s Theatre on Broad Street in Historic downtown Texarkana will present "Charlotte's Web" November 19-22 in person or streaming video

The Silvermoon Children's Theatre presents "Charlotte's Web" this show is based on the Broadway show from 2018 and features all of your favorite songs from the movie and an additional created just for the Broadway show.

The mission of The Silvermoon Children's Theatre:

To provide entertaining, professional-quality theatre, performed by children for audiences of all ages. It educates, challenges and inspires youth, supports the learning environment, and builds strong community values.

The play "Charlotte's Web" will have a cast made entirely of local children and adults getting to experience the theater and all the aspects of running a show. A big thank you to the Morris family for all they do to help promote the arts in Texarkana.

Showtimes for "Charlotte's Web"

Thursday, Nov 19 @ 7 pm - Ham Cast
Friday, Nov 20 @ 7 pm - Bacon Cast
Saturday, Nov 21 @ 10:30 - Ham Cast
Saturday, Nov 21 @ 2:00 pm - Bacon Cast
Saturday, Nov 21 @ 7:00 pm - Ham Cast
Sunday, Nov 22 @ 2:00 pm - Bacon Cast

Bacon Cast - has the following cast members Kaylee Hunt as Wilber, Hannah McGuire as Charlotte, Ella Stewart as Fern, Joshua Martin as Mr. Arable, Logan Allen as Avery, Anna Jo Briggs-Rowton as Sheep, Emily Pemberton as Goose, Allie Edwards and Aubrey Sexson as Narrators, Erin Eppinette as Lurvy

Ham Cast - has the following cast members Erin Eppinette as Wilber, Miriam Bennett as Charlotte, Payton Shuman as Fern, Joey Campbell as Mr. Arable, Liam Elder as Avery, Annabelle Harp as Sheep, Aubrey Volarvich as Goose, Sadie Harp and Mary Grace O'Neal as Narrators, Kaylee Hunt as Lurvy



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