Last week the U.S. Patent Office cancelled The Washington Redskins trademark and logos. All in an effort to force the team's owners to change their name.

Whether you want the name to change or not, my problem with this whole thing is with the government trying to force the name change! This is a privately owned organization. Let the free market take care of it. I know it's been debated for years, but letting the free market take care of it is best. It's the American way. If people are against the name then they need to stop supporting the team, or if our T.V. networks have a problem with it, then they can stop broadcasting their games.


I've just never considered the Washington Redskins name  to be a slur against Native Americans. The name from what I've read came about because in the beginning there were a few Native Americans on the team and the owner was actually honoring them.

FOX News
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