This is not a pleasant subject to deal with, but we all know that when sex offenders are caught, one of the conditions of their release is they have to register so that authorities will always know when and where they are and where they live and work. Do you know where they are in your Miller or Bowie County neighborhood? Maybe you should.

This world seems to get more dangerous every single day, crime is on the rise all over the country. Shootings, murders, assaults, and rape are all statistics that are going up just about everywhere. Some call it "Human trafficking," but I believe in a lot of cases, that's just a nicer term for sex trafficking. People are getting snatched up off the streets in this country every day and then they just simply vanish. Some get abducted by individuals, and others end up in large sex trafficking organizations, shouldn't we all be, at the very least, aware of convicted sex offenders nearby?

The question is where do you go to find out this information? The answer is below.

For The State of Arkansas:

For Arkansas go to the Arkansas Department of Public Safety at Click on "I Agree" at the bottom of the page to open the Search/Map feature. You can search any street, town, city, zip code, or county in the state of Arkansas through this link.

  • Green Dots are level 2 offenders and considered a Moderate risk.
  • Yellow Dots are level 3 offenders and considered a High Risk.
  • Red Dots are level 4 offenders and considered Sexually Dangerous Persons. - Sexual Offenders Registration website screenshot - Sexual Offenders Registration website screenshot

For the State of Texas:

In Texas, the map is available through the Texas Department of Public Safety at Once on the site simply enter the city or county you wish to search in Texas and click on the Search button on the right to bring up a map of the area. You may have to zoom in to see the icons pop up.

  • Pink indicators are Low-Risk offenders.
  • Yellow indicators are Moderate-Risk offenders.
  • Orange indicators are High-Risk offenders.
  • Grey indicators are No-Risk offenders.
Texarkana Texas registered sex offenders map - Texas Department of Public Safety
Texarkana Texas registered sex offenders map - Texas Department of Public Safety

 App For That? Of Course, There Is.

Android Texas DPS App
Android Texas DPS App

Who knew? But yes, there is an app for that from the Texas DPS Office straight to your phone or tablet. For the Texas DPS App Information, click here. If you're ready to download right now... for Android click here, for IOS, click here.

I was not able to find an app yet for the Arkansas Department of Public Safety.

Stay Safe!

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