With our Summer temperatures soaring in the 100's we asked our listeners what temperature they set their thermostats in their homes.

With answers ranging from 70 all the way up to 78, it looks like most folks are keeping it cool at their homes during this unbelievable heat wave. At my house, we run it around 74 to 75 during the day and 73 at night. It may not seem like a big difference in temperature but as most of you know that little 2-degree shift makes all the difference in how we sleep at night.

Sean D UnSplash
Sean D UnSplash

After doing a little research on the thermostat subject. I kept seeing that the recommended temperature you need to keep your home is a little warm for my liking. According to the United States Department of Energy, the best temperature to keep your home during the Summer is 78 degrees. An article on the airconditioner manufacturer Trane's website had this to say about the 78-degree recommendation  :

 If that temperature falls outside your comfort level, there are several ways to modify how your home feels without causing your energy bill to spike. Keep in mind, each degree set above 72 can save you up to 3% on your cooling costs.

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One way you can help keep your house cool is with a ceiling fan. Make sure your fan is spinning counterclockwise. In this direction, your fan will provide a four-degree difference by pushing the cool air down on you. This reduction in temperature will allow you to run your air conditioner a little warmer and still have cooling effects.

a Cropped Household Ceiling Fan.

Here are a few additional tips on keeping your house during the Summer.

1. Keep blinds closed during the day to keep that hot sun from coming into the windows.

2. Turn up the air conditioner during the day when you are not home.

3. Make sure that appliances like clothes dryers and ovens stay off until after 8 pm. It could make a 10-degree difference if they are not on during the heat of the day.

4. Make sure your house is sealed up. Weather stripping and door seals help keep hot air out and the cool air in the house.

5. If you can look into purchasing a home dehumidifier. The reduction in the humidity will help with the heat as well.

So keeping it at 78 will save you some money on your electric bill, but look at all of the cost-saving measures to help increase your savings.

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