It's hard to believe that Halloween is only three weeks away. It's the season to get scared and I found a video that does it for me. Talk about a great and totally scary idea for a Halloween decoration.

No one likes zombies and this contraption is awesome. It's a zombie containment unit, and luckily it looks like it's doing the job. Well, kind of. From what I've read, the makers of this thing used a metal box and put a T.V inside. On the T.V is a video of a zombie knocking his head and his body on the screen and all around the box. How creepy.

Not only that, but check out how the box and things on the box move with the zombie. Dang, this looks too real. Can you imagine walking up to someone's front door for a trick or a treat and this thing starts up? Forget the trick or the treat, I'd be running away as fast as possible.

It was designed by Roy Mueller with Hi- Rez Designs. I was thinking that Hollywood will be calling him soon but turns out the company was founded by Nic Andrews who worked in Hollywood with special effects for many years. Nope, I'm not surprised at all.

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