Scarlett Johansson's SodaStream Super Bowl commercial might not be hitting television screens during the game, but we have it all in its uncensored glory right here.

Sorry to all you Black Widow fans out there, but the reason why Ms. Johansson's commercial was taken off the air was not due to showing off an excess amount of skin. Though, we hear that Scarlett's upcoming 'Under the Skin' film will feature the lovely lady of Marvel finally showing off her birthday suit. But the commercial itself is quite tame asides from name-dropping both Pepsi and Coke by both Scarlett's dialogue and the commercial's title, "Sorry, Coke and Pepsi".

During SodaStream's defunct ad, Scarlett shows how easy it is for you to make your own hand-crafted soda with a SodaStream machine. ScarJo mixes up a drink for herself, and explains that the soda you make with SodaStream is much healthier than most name brands and you don't have to worry about wasting less bottles since you can pour it into your own containers at home.

While the SodaStream process is rather simple, the reason why the ad was pulled is not. It has to do with ScarJo stepping down from her position of Oxfam ambassador (a company that tries to fight worldwide poverty). Scarlett raised a ton of money for Oxfam to help donate to various institutions and places of need. Unfortunately, she found out that Oxfam bans all trade from the West Bank area of Israel, where SodaStream has their largest factory simply due to the beef that exists between Israelis and Palestinians.

Due to the conundrum between Oxfam (which Coca-Cola has donated to as well), SodaStream and Ms. Johannson's quitting at Oxfam, the commercial has been removed from the Super Bowl's programming lineup of advertisements.

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