All of your favorite characters and personalities from the 1980s return to help renovate RadioShack in this Super Bowl 2014 commerical.

As most of you may have noticed, there isn't much of a drive to go to RadioShack anymore. Long gone is the age when we were able to take apart our electronics and fix them with spare parts, mainly due to the influx of legalities and warranties regarding opening your machinery and what not. So for many years, RadioShack was left alone. In order to modernize their stores, they're going to need to clean up their old appliances and components, but to do that, they're going to need help.

The video starts off with a retro-looking, dull RadioShack getting a phone call from the past claiming that it's time to collect. And once Loverboy's hit song, 'Workin for the Weekend', started playing, we knew that we were in for a neon-colored treat.

Just a few of the faces that appear to help tear down RadioShack's old look include Chucky from the 'Child's Play' series, Ponch from 'CHiPs', Cliff Calvin from 'Cheers' (he's even wearing his postal worker jacket!), the 'G.I. Joe' star / professional wrestler Sgt. Slaughter, Hulk Hogan, Dee Snider from Twisted Sister, Slim Goodbody, 'Alf' the alien, Jason Voorhees from the 'Friday the 13th', Q*Bert, Bubo the Owl from 'Clash of the Titans', Kid N' Play from 'House Party', Mary Lou Retton the Olympic gymnast and even the California Raisins.

At the very end of the commercial, you can see 'Teen Wolf' and Sgt. Slaughter escaping the store as a DeLorean of 'Back to the Future' fame peels off with a ton of merchandise on its roof. Afterwards, there's a cameo from a certain green glob of 'Ghostbusters' fame.

Unfortunately, Gizmo the Mogwai from 'Gremlins', Elvira and Johnny Five from Short Circuit (come on, he rebuilt himself at a RadioShack in the sequel!) were nowhere to be seen. Sure, most of us are probably still going to go to Best Buy for our electronics, but that commercial sure made us miss the way things used to be.

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