A 144-page comic book detailing the making of the 1977 Rush album A Farewell to Kings is now for sale, and it's based on interviews with guitarist Alex Lifeson and producer Terry Brown.

Originally announced in April, The Making of A Farewell to Kings is presented in LP-sized 12x12-inch pages, and continues the band’s collaboration with Fantoons, which previously produced a Rush coloring book and puzzle selection.

“This epic, fully authorized graphic novel chronicles the birth of Rush’s classic album A Farewell to Kings,” Fantoons said in a statement. “Relive the trials and triumphs alongside Alex Lifeson, Geddy Lee and Neil Peart as they create the masterpiece of progressive rock that gave birth to ‘Closer to the Heart’ and the majestic ‘Xanadu.'”


“I loved the material, and each time we caught a great take, whether it was drums, bass, guitar or a vocal, we got ‘that buzz,’” Brown wrote in the foreword. “The guys were so focused on delivering concise parts and performances that I knew we were making a very special album.”

Created at a time when Rush were in flux, and while prog-rock was losing favor in the music world, the band’s fifth achieved a respectable No.33 placing on the Billboard 200.

“When you open that door of the synthesizer and the keyboard world, that was a Pandora’s box for us," frontman Lee told Prog Magazine in 2017. "After we’d opened it, all kinds of stuff came out over the next few years, but that’s what made it glorious as a guy who was in the middle of it all.I learned a lot; I was learning a lot. I was always challenged and I was very stimulated, and the end result was A Farewell to Kings, so I guess it was a pivotal record in that regard.”


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