The 75th Annual Four States Fair & Rodeo gets kicked off this Friday, Sept. 13, and runs through Sept. 22, in Texarkana. And what would a fair be without out a carnival right? Well, this year Wagner's Carnival based out of Aransas Pass, Texas is an all-new carnival that surely will delight fair-goers of all ages.

For over 30 years Wagner's Carnival has been entertaining and providing family fun in a friendly safe environment. With over 30 attractions featuring, great food, like cotton candy, funnel cakes, candy apples, and the always popular corn dog. Wagner's also features a wide range of rides for every age including the Zipper, Kamikaze, Hurricane, Ferris Wheel, Tea Cups, Merry-Go-Round and many more exciting rides to choose from. And when you get ready to play a game  to win a prize, Wagner's offers many different types of games to test your skills.

Since 1977, the Wagner family has been entertaining crowds all over the country with their family friendly fun atmosphere.
Fee free to visit their website or Facebook page to learn more and see what's new!
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