It seems rock stars are like moths to a flame when it comes to stars of the big and small screens. There have been plenty of marriages between rockers and movie stars over years, and we've highlighted some of the most famous in the gallery below.

The union of a musician and an actress is almost as commonplace as one between a rock star and a model. In fact, they're so closely connected that some of the women you'll see below first became famous through modeling before they branched out into an acting career.

One was already successful as a singer and became a movie star years after her divorce from her musician husband. And then there's a pair of women who married two rockers each.

We look at how these couples got together and which remained together for the long haul. They've often had the added stress of public scrutiny working against them and, unfortunately, many of these famous romances ended badly, though several have found a way to remain friends and co-parents.

Still, we sure do love to root for these dream romances when they're on the upswing and watch them like car wrecks when they fall apart. No matter how it went down, grab some popcorn and dig into the stories behind these famous unions between rock and movie stars.

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