A possible tornado passed over western Bowie County in and around DeKalb Sunday night causing concern and scattered damage.

Unusually warm temperatures and invading cold front made conditions ripe for severe weather around the area Sunday night. A Tornado Watch turned into a warning after radar indicated strong rotation in the storm that traveled northeast across Western Bowie County across the Red River into Little River County.

Scattered damage was reported in the Hubbard and DeKalb Texas areas affecting some homes and businesses, as well as trees and power lines. Fortunately there have been no reports of serious injuries in connection with the storm.

Personnel from the National Weather Service will be investigating the damage from the storm to confirm it was a tornado, or funnel cloud and how strong it was.

After a very wild and strange weather week that ranged from 6 degrees with snow, to 70 degrees and severe storms, the forecast for this week appears much more stable and normal for January as far as temperatures and precipitation is concerned.



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