Playboy Playmate Amanda Cerny celebrated her 18th birthday a few years ago by free-falling from an airplane at 120 mph. Her life has been one big rush of adrenaline ever since. Born in Stuart, FL, the fearless beauty is in the process of earning a degree in international affairs from Florida State University, spent a summer traveling throughout Spain, Germany and France and doesn’t know of any extreme activity she wouldn’t try at least once.

To celebrate her spread in the latest issue of Playboy magazine, October’s Playmate of the Month (LINK NSFW) talked to us about doctor visits, bungee jumping and being a part of the special collector’s edition issue.

The Playboy press release announcing your issue has you quoting Dr. Seuss. I was wondering which one of these doctors you’d trust the most in an emergency situation: Dr. Seuss, Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Cliff Huxtable or Dr. Hannibal Lecter?

I’d have to go with Dr. Seuss. At least if I were sick, he could put me in a good mood.

You wouldn’t trust Dr. Huxtable? He is funny. Those sweaters he wears would make anyone feel good.

Ok, maybe Dr. Huxtable. Let’s say both. I’ll get a second opinion from one of them.

Playboy Playmate Amanda Cerny

Your Playboy profile says you’re kind of addicted to high adrenaline activities. You went skydiving on your 18th birthday?

My mom was a tandem skydiving instructor so I’ve been watching her do it for so many years. When I finally turned eighteen I got to try it.

Is there anything you haven’t tried yet that you’re dying to do?

Scuba diving. Next week I’m getting my scuba diving certification. White water rafting is also something I’m dying to try. Bungee jumping, but just once. I think bungee jumping is scarier than sky diving.


I don’t like seeing the ground right in front of me while attached to a rope I’m hoping doesn’t snap.


You’re in school right now at Florida State University right?

I’m taking a break this year. With being named Ms. October 2011, and all the work that goes along with it, I didn’t want it to effect my grades. It would be hard to be in Vegas one weekend doing a signing for my issue and then have an exam the next day.

How’s the experience of being a Playmate been so far?

It’s been amazing. I’m so glad I sent in my pictures and took a shot. I’ve met so many amazing, down-to-Earth people. It opens so many doors as well.

Is Playboy something you always wanted to do?

It was never a life goal but two friends put the idea in my head after a girl from our hometown was Ms. October 2008.

What happens if you become Playmate of the Year?

Oh gosh. I don’t even know what I would do. All the girls want that title but there will be eleven other amazing girls that I’ll be up against. Whatever happens, happens.

Do you ever get to go back to school and catch a Seminoles game?

I actually went back and did a signing in Tallahassee and caught the FSU game against Oklahoma. I tailgated and hung out with friends. It was so much fun.

Is it odd to go to school with people and they all know you’ve done Playboy? Does it get awkward or change things?

You would think it might but it really doesn’t change much. All my friends were giving me high fives and being supportive. I guess maybe because I’m comfortable in my own skin, it doesn’t really bother me what people think.


Do you ever get recognized by guys?

A little bit more now that my issue is available.

How many issues did you buy?

Actually, I got a bunch in the mail from Playboy. But, on my way to Tallahassee, I stopped at the newsstand in the airport and bought four copies. They’re only $.60 each this month.

Oh that’s right. You’re in the $.60 issue.

Yeah, the collector’s edition issue.

It probably encourages people to buy more. Especially your friends and family. But you can’t really give them away as gifts. You’d look cheap.

True, but it also discourages friends from saying “get me an issue, hook me up.” It’s $.60. I think they can manage to buy their own.

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