Monday morning we heard about the emergency landing of a small plane in Texarkana. The funny thing is, the way the video and story was reported it looked like a friend of mine was the pilot of the plane!

It's an easy case of mistaken identity! The identity of the pilot wasn't released. The guy in shorts looking at the downed plane in the KSLA video and in the picture that was in the Texarkana Gazette is my friend Scott.  The reports mention that the pilot was seen walking around the scene. Yes, my friend Scott is a pilot, but he was not the pilot of the plane. He was called to the scene to help the Emergency Management crews.

I was telling some co-workers about it and they all said, they saw the article and the video and assumed that Scott was the pilot! My friend was awoken early Monday morning by tons of friends calling to make sure he was okay!

Like I said earlier, it was a case of mistaken identity. A very easy assumption and no blame what so ever to any of the news reports. I just thought it was funny and wanted to set the record straight for my friend Scott! By the way, he's a really good pilot! And the other pilot is obviously also a good pilot for knowing what to do in an emergency situation!

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