I read the article in today's Gazette announcing that longtime Sports Director Johnny Green has presided over his last Sports Section of the local paper. If my math is correct, he has been doing this for about 50 years. The paper reported that Johnny started at the paper in 1962...alright, 49 years. Why not wait til an even 50?

Johnny started in the paper business when downtown Texarkana, was... DOWNTOWN! That's where everything was going on... All the stores, movies, the train was still how travelers arrived to town. There were only 3 TV networks, just a few radio stations, and the sports page was a big deal back in the day, and Mr. Green really kept up the good work thru the years. Now that you can get sports results instantly online, he always kept his features interesting enough to want to invest in the newspaper.

Over the years the local sports page has gotten a lot of praise, and a lot of complaints. Most complaints that I saw the paper publish, were more about "why wasn't my kid's game covered more?". Hey...You try being at every local game (Texas, Arkansas, LE, Pleasant Grove plus all of the other "area" schools), and write about each in great detail by print time. If you can do that, you may want to call the Gazette, Johnny is retiring, or better yet Johnny... call me, and you can do some blog posts for me, and make it look like I am smart about sports.

Thanks Johnny, and Best Wishes for All Things Good!


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