This object appears regularly to ward off danger. Do you know what it is?

If you guessed that it was a road closed sign, then you are correct! Frequently, these signs will be put up when roads are being repaired or if travel conditions are deemed unsafe. In the case of the latter, this can oftentimes occur after heavy rains.

Have you ever thought about what you should do when you're driving during flood stage conditions? The folks at Progressive Insurance created a safety checklist for just that occasion. Progressive recommends:

  • Pay attention to barricades like the one pictured above. You should never ignore them and drive around them. They are there for your safety.
  • Do not drive through standing water on roads or in parking lots. First of all, you never know just how deep the water actually is, and even if it is a foot deep it can stall your engine or, worse yet, sweep your car off the road. If the road is flooded, take an alternate route.
  • If you're forced to drive through water, take extra precautions. Drive slowly and steadily through the water. Watch for items traveling downstream as they can trap or crush you if you're in their path. And perhaps most important of all, if electric lines are down, avoid the water altogether!

For more information about driving during flood stage conditions, visit for the complete list of safety tips.

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