Big news coming out of TexAmericas Center this morning as a Pennsylvania-based company is expanding its operations to our area and bringing with it, dozens of new jobs. 

TexAmericas Center, which owns and operates one of the largest mixed-use industrial parks in the United States, today announces that Pennsylvania-based Palmer International is the newest Corporate Citizen expanding its operations to the TAC property.

According to the release, Palmer International will initially invest $10 million toward its expansion and hire dozens of skilled workers in the Texarkana region.

Palmer Intl Website Screenshot -

Palmer International is a global leader in the development and supply of diverse products derived from Cashew Nutshell Liquid (CNSL). The company is the oldest cashew derivative manufacturer in the world and the most-recognized brand by top brake-lining and systems companies. In addition to the company’s particle prowess, Palmer is the market leader in mannich polyols derived from CNSL for the rigid, polyurethane foam markets.

“This is a monumental step for Palmer International. With production already in Pennsylvania and distribution arms located in Europe and Asia, we are thrilled to begin and grow our operations in Texas,” said Kevin Palmer, CEO at Palmer International. “With our Skippack, Pennsylvania site near capacity, we are very proud to partner with the greater Texarkana communities, while pursuing expansive growth opportunities in green Cashew Nutshell Liquid products for the benefit of our stakeholders.”

TexAmericas Entrance Sign
TexAmericas Entrance Sign

The report says that Palmer purchased the existing facility at TexAmericas Center in December 2022, and their initial investment will be used to install equipment this year so the company can be fully operational in 2024. The first phase of investment will consist of installing both CNSL distillation and biocomposite production infrastructure.

“Palmer International is forward-thinking and uses innovative technologies that will help push other businesses forward. As a market leader in the automotive industry, they’re exactly the kind of company and people we want to welcome to our cluster of automotive companies,” said Scott Norton, Executive Director and CEO of TexAmericas Center. This is an exciting new chapter for them as well as for all of us at TexAmericas Center and the entire region.”

Palmer International will initially hire about a dozen skilled labor, maintenance and quality control technicians, as well as plant management. Further expansion phases will require three to four dozen more workers. Leaders at the company say they chose Texas to expand because of its decentralized, business-friendly environment.

“Besides the business culture in Texas, we also chose TexAmericas Center because of its favorable location in terms of logistics and the organization’s partnership philosophy. They were proactive from the beginning and true professionals throughout our process of choosing a facility,” Palmer said.

Spec Building Completed - TexAmericas Center
Spec Building Completed - TexAmericas Center

The Palmer International decision to expand to Texas is the third major announcement in the last 12 months for TexAmericas Center. In 2022, EnviroSafe Demil moved its headquarters from Nevada to Texarkana and Expansion Industries announced the purchase of over 170-acres and its intention to pursue an integrated brass and ammunition plant at TexAmericas Center.

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