Who doesn't love Santa? Something I love to do every year is to track Santa all over the world tomorrow on Christmas Eve day. You and your kids can track Santa too!

Little kids and big kids like me can go to the link below and see where Santa has been, where he is now and where his next stop will be. It also shows you how many presents he's delivered. Even though Santa isn't traveling right now the site still has some fun things to check out. Like great Santa information, music, games and activities for the kids.

Check out the NORAD Tracks Santa Facebook page for updates.

The Official NORAD Santa Tracker!

They also have a phone app. So, now every year on Christmas Eve Day, my husband knows that I will be giving him Santa updates! Be sure to get the app so you can keep track of Santa throughout the day Thursday 24th. Just scroll all the way down to the bottom of the NORAD home page on their website and you'll see the phone icons.

Ever wonder how or when NORAD started tracking Santa?


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