There is a news story out of New York state that has thrown me a bit. It seems that there is now proof that a politician is a liar, and quite possibly a stoned hypocrite... SHOCKING!

Steve Katz is a 59-year-old State Assemblymen in New York, that has been really outspoken on drug use, and voted against legalizing medical marijuana. Katz also serves on the New York Assembly's Alcohol & Drug Abuse Committee.

Last week Katz was pulled over by a state trooper when he was clocked doing 80mph in a 65mph zone. The trooper thought he smelled weed coming from the vehicle, and sure enough, Katz had some marijuana with him. He was arrested for unlawful possession of marijuana, and got a speeding ticket.

In a statement he said,

This should not overshadow the work I have done over the years for the public and my constituency."

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