Remember that post I did the other day about the McDonald's workers wanting a higher minimum wage pay? Well yes, this is related to that.

If you didn't get the chance to read that article, just click here and read it first before continuing down the page!

Employees in New York, Chicago, Detroit and other cities are calling for an increase in their minimum wage. They want it to be set at $15 per hour. They are also calling for the right to unionize without retaliation against them.

Monday's strike actually marks the third time since last November that New York City fast food employees have walked out on their jobs in protest.

In New York last year, fast food employees made on average $9 per hour. While this may be more than the national minimum wage, it still isn't enough to support yourself in New York City.

Before you grab your picketing gear and start a riot here in town, read up on all the facts!

You can read more on the issue here and check out some photos of protesters.

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