The Texarkana Arkansas A&P Commission met Wednesday afternoon and Claude Moore was named as the new Chairman of the commission. Questions were also raised regarding the criminal history of a commission member, and eligibility of another.

Terri Peavy spoke up at the beginning of the meeting and the committee allowed the citizen to carry on for a few moments before the new chairman was able to contain the citizen by explaining that she was out of order and he quickly regained control of the meeting. But there is more... just wait!

Newly appointed Chairman Claude Moore served on the commission previously and is thrilled to be appointed to serve again. Moore is the owner of "King of Wings" restaurant.

The commission discussed questions from a citizen submitted letter regarding commission member Kenzie Megginson's criminal history and eligibility to serve on the commission. It is alleged that Megginson has multiple felony convictions making her ineligible to sit on the commission. There was also a question as to the eligibility of commission member Joyce Dennington. Neither Dennington or Megginson chose to attend the meeting.

Peavy again spoke up questioning the commission's closed session to discuss hiring legal representation to a lawsuit that a response must be filed to by April 17, 2014. The commission was only informed of the lawsuit 48 hours prior to this meeting, and another citizen from the gallery asked if it was true that Mayor Wayne Smith, who had been Chairman of the commission before being replaced, knew about the lawsuit back on March 18, and why he had not informed the commission he chaired, a question none of the commission members could answer. A third citizen asks the commission if they thought that the Mayor kept the information from them on purpose, and again, none could explain Smith's reasons for keeping it to himself.

Local citizens Chrystal Sloan and Bettye Richardson spoke to the commission on behalf of the recent national recognition by, and the "Little Doors" program.

City Board member and former Texarkana Arkansas Mayor Londell Williams addressed the citizens in the gallery regarding a mention made of fear of the way they had been treated at meetings in the past by the previous Chairman and his supporters and then the new Chairman adjourned the meeting...  but be sure ... there is much MORE to come!



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