A man that claimed an alligator ate his dog was out for revenge when he attacked an alligator and tried to wrestle it... again, he TRIED to wrestle it!

29-year-old Matthew Pope of Mulberry Florida said that a gator ate his dog and he wanted revenge when he dove in the water at Loyce E. Harpe Park and attacked an alligator. He jumped in, grabbed the gator by the snout and lost his grip. The gator grabbed Pope by the arm and drug him underwater for a few seconds.

18-year-old Daniel Butler and 16-year-old Ryan Stromsnes came to the man's rescue and were able to get the man away from the alligator and pull him back to shore. Ryan jumped in first and grabbed the gator's tail, Daniel jumped in and when he tried to grab the beast around the belly. It let go of Pope and took off. They called 911 and used a belt to try to stop the bleeding from the man's arm. Pope was rushed to a hospital, and we are unsure of his condition.

Wildlife Officers were able to trap and kill the alligator and believe that the tale of the eaten dog, was made up and the man just wanted to attack the alligator for reasons unknown.

We bet he won't be doing that again.

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