I'm not sure where my fascination with big cats came from, but I'm pretty sure the movie 'Born Free' has something to do with it.

Here is a great story about a guy named Valentin Gruener he rescued Sirga when she was a cub. He raised her in a wildlife park in Botswana. She remembers him and hugs Valentin every time she see him. This is amazing!

From the BBC News:

She's much bigger now, but when Gruener opens her cage she still rushes to greet him - ecstatically throwing her paws around his neck.

"That happens every time I open the door. It is an amazing thing every time it happens, and it's such a passionate thing to do for this animal to jump and give me a hug," says Gruener.

"But I guess it makes sense. At the moment she has no other lions with her in the cage and I guess for her I'm like her species. So I'm the only friend she's got. Lions are social cats so she's always happy to see me."

Oh I'm so jealous!! I know that these big wild cats are dangerous, but I can't help and look at this video and think...Born Free! Yep, I do believe the movie Born Free is to blame for my total fascination of these big darlings.

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