Sure it gives you gut rot and isn't the healthiest choice in the world, but Taco Bell is awesome Especially since it came out with The Dorito Shelled Los Tacos and The Los Tacos Supreme Yummo! This Just In...Taco Bell happens to be turning 50 years old in 2012.

Here are some surprising facts about Taco Bell's domination of the fast food landscape:

Taco Bell serves 35 million people in its 5,600 restaurants each week, with the average customer visiting once every 11 days.

In a single month, Taco Bell serves the equivalent of half of the U.S. population.

Each year, they use 111 million pounds of cheese. That's the weight of 246 Statues of Liberty.

Each year, they also sell more than one billion burritos and two billion tacos.


In Celebration I had to throw in this throwback commercial "At Taco,Taco,Taco Bell!" Happy B-Day Taco Bell!!! You Ought To Give away 1 Free Los Taco with every purchase, in celebration. what do you think?