Jane’s Addiction brought great songs and an extremely impressive stage show to Detroit’s beautiful Fillmore this past Friday (Feb. 24). The set came complete with dazzling light and video displays, a gigantic sculpture and three live dancers hanging from the ceiling in oversized dresses.

It was such a big spectacle, in fact, that it often threatened to drown out the man who no doubt visualized much of this fantastic monster in the first place: frontman extraordinaire Perry Farrell. While the rest of his bandmates surged and flowed together in spectacular fashion, the singer at times seemed to be struggling to be heard in his proper slot alongside them.

Perhaps it was our balcony seats, maybe his voice is not in mid-tour form yet, or maybe this is some new understated creative approach that we’re not hip enough to dig yet — lord knows the guy prowls the stage with unbeatable charisma, dressed better than we could ever hope to be. But it wasn’t the “from the top of the mountains” sound we’re used to from past Farrell shows, and it rendered the whole band presentation a bit lopsided.

It was still a wonderfully entertaining evening, especially when the crowd pitched in for the vocals, which, let’s face it we were all planning on doing anyway. The only reason we even mention this issue is the tantalizing torture it created in our heads. The band sounded so good that if the vocals were sung (or maybe mixed) higher it would have been a night for the ages.

Farrell seemed to make brief mention of the issue at one point late in the show — something about always losing his voice in Detroit — and considering the love, care and talent obviously put into the audio and visual aspects of the show, and how well songs from the band’s new album ‘The Great Escape Artist’ mixed in among classics like ‘Ocean Size’ and ‘Three Days,’ we’ll be back for another shot, no problem at all!

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