Will you take this chicken sandwich to be your lawfully catered meal? McDonald's is rolling out wedding catering, and Texas could be its next gravy train to the land of love.

We have all heard the term, "Ballin' on a budget," but are you really ballin' if you're on a McDonald's budget? Before you answer too quickly, remember President Donald Trump catered a white house party with a huge spread from McDonald's, and that guy is definitely some type of baller.

Over the years, weddings have migrated from mostly buffet, to a seated meal with a closed menu. More recently though has welcomed the open bar complement of the late night snack.

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Have personally witnessed late night snacks from being something very simple like nachos, pizza, Crave Case sliders, and yes even McDonald's, to a mobile burrito bar, or food trucks and a hot dog stand. When the booze is flowing, the junk food be glowing.

Would you actually skip all the plated stuff, and let McDonald's cater your wedding?

If I were to do it all over again, a thousand times yes without hesitation. As anyone who has ever been married will tell you, most of the creature features of a wedding reception are totally forgotten, or under appreciated. The open bar could be partially to blame.

I loved the food and had a great time at our reception, but if we could have skipped straight to the toasts and cake, nothing would have been lost. Open up that bar, and see you in the McDonald's line later.

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